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A humanitarian association based on international solidarity, whose aim is to give the most underprivileged populations access to basic healthcare, thanks to locally produced natural medicines. 






President of Aromatherapy without borders, he has great experience in tropical environments and in healthcare based on the virtues of essential oils.


  • Aromatologist, pharmacologist

  • Lecturer at the “Free Faculty of Alternative Medicine and Ethnomedecine of Paris”. 

  • Author of two major reference books “L'Aromathérapie exactement” (“The cutting hedge of aromatherapy”) (1990) and “A la pointe de l’aromathérapie” (“at the forefront of aromatherapy”) (2015)







General secretary of Aromatherapy without borders, this entrepreneur is convinced that the local resources and the ancestral know-how are the biggest wealth of developing countries.



  • CEO of a group specialized in dermatological tests of tolerance and clinical efficiency, operating in France, Romania, Thailand and Indonesia.

  • In charge of a center for applied microbiology.





Secretary of Aromatherapy without borders, Lisa is concerned with a more sustainable use of natural resources and eager to support a humanitarian project caring for children. 

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