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Let us cure the children of developing countries


  • To develop our activities in underserved countries, while respecting traditional medicine and with the full agreement of healthcare authorities.

  • To train doctors, traditional healers and healthcare professionals in aromatherapy, in particular in the field of infectious diseases.

  • To create natural health centers run by local therapists.

  • To give underprivileged children free access to healthcare.

  • To develop and use “improved traditional medicines” based on local essential oils at low cost.

  • To collaborate with national scientific research centers in order to enrich the traditional pharmacopeias data.

  • To respect the principles of medical ethics, maintaining full independence, without discrimination of population, politics or philosophy.

We are a humanitarian association based on international solidarity. We need your help to care for those most in need with natural remedies.

Doctors , pharmacists, traditional practitioners , naturopaths, health professionals in aromatherapy , join us !

Treated by the use of local resources and knowledge in aromatherapy in the light of new scientific discoveries.

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