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Health projects

  • Within our existing natural health center, we are setting up a stomatology practice, as dental problems are among the main causes of school absenteeism, not to mention more concerning impacts on children's health. 

  • Upon request from another public primary school, we are opening a second natural health center in Antsirabe.

  • Projet d'ouverture d'un 3ème centre à Tuléar, dans une zone particulièrement défavorisée.

  • And we plan to open a third natural health center in Tulear, a most deprived area.

Environmental and educational project

  • We are setting up the “nurseries of the future” involving young children from isolated rural areas,

  • In order to raise their awareness of the conservation of their natural heritage,

  • And boost the reforestation of aromatic plants and trees. ​

Long-term projets 

  • We plan to organize our network of aromatherapist doctors

  • And widely share our knowledge with other developing countries. 

  • Doctors , naturopaths, pharmacists , join us.

  • Companies, support our public health actions.

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